The Nambiti Game Reserve

History of Nambiti

While trout fishing with his friend Gordon Howard one day Rob le Sueur shared his dream. His vision was for a Big Five game reserve, but he had not yet come across a suitable property close enough to Durban. As luck would have it, Gordon heard of a number of cattle farms for sale east of Ladysmith, so one winter morning the two friends met for a horseback tour of the properties and, amazed at the outstanding beauty of the area, the duo set about acquiring the land. In 2000 Nambiti Private Game Reserve was born.

Working closely with conservationists and wildlife experts, the area was restocked with naturally occurring wildlife. Over the next five years, internal farm fences were removed, alien vegetation was cleared and the now game-fenced reserve was restocked. Along with the endemic species driven out by farming practices, the Big Five and many other types of game were introduced. Over time, three more farms were acquired and in the following years superb lodges were built or renovated from existing farmhouses.


About the Game Reserve

Nambiti is steadily becoming one of the best private game reserves in Africa; a vision driven by passionate, committed people with a deep love and respect for our heritage. With the establishment of successful development programs, the reserve will continue to benefit and enrich the local people, offer guests the finest game viewing in Africa and actively make meaningful contributions to conservation. Situated only 3.5 hours from Johannesburg and 2.5 hours from Durban in the extraordinarily beautiful and diverse landscape of KwaZulu Natal, Nambiti Private Game Reserve is now one of Africa’s most exciting conservation initiatives.