Umzolozolo Safari Lodge

A Welcome Change of Pace in a Wild Landscape

As the morning sun rises over Drakensberg mountains, the drums of the Zulu warriors can surely be heard in the distance. Here lies Nambiti a place steeped in battlefield history, mystery, and untamed beauty. 

Call Africa your home, as warm hospitality embraces you, as family. Here your name is not forgotten. Many visitors will tell you, that their hearts long for Africa, or that Africa gets into your blood. Because once here, Africa holds your heart captive with its unique charm. Indulge yourself. Step away. Take a journey with us, and let yourself sink into the tranquility of the African Bush.

The Magic of the African Bush

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite offers a regal escape, featuring a lavish stone bath with stunning views and a private deck with a jacuzzi for indulgent relaxation.

Luxurious Chalet with a plunge pool

Escape to the secluded Luxurious Chalet with Pool, where guests can enjoy complete privacy, a private plunge pool, and the enchanting sounds of nature.

Luxurious Chalets

Experience ultimate luxury in our spacious Luxurious Chalets, ideal for couples or families, with the option for twin beds and pull-out beds.

Luxurious Suite

Enjoy the views of the valley below from the decks of our Luxurious Suites, where guests can enjoy beautiful decor and serene surroundings.

Explore the Depths

Big Five

Heed your call to adventure. Our experienced Guides will take you on magnificent, early morning and sunset game drives. Come see the Big 5, the bird life and the array of other animals on the reserve. This place is a photographer’s dream.


Give in to your desire for peace and pampering at the luxurious Tulana Spa. Or rest in the privacy of your own private room. Get up and go at the break of day to catch the lions sleeping in the shade, or hear the call of the bush and grab your binoculars, for Umzolozolo has something for everyone.

Bush Cuisine

It is not just about the call to the wild, it is also about your taste buds. Experience celestial cuisine three times a day from our in-house chef, tailored for you. Come eat breakfast on the deck overlooking the plains, or have a romantic picnic in the bush.