January’s Ranger Reports

We would like to welcome all our guests to 2021. We wish you all a healthy and prosperous year.

2021, thus far, seems very successful in terms of climate, although it has started off with the continuation of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

However, we are hopeful for a better year, as the wildlife continues to blossom with lush vegetation. This new life cheers up our majestic animals. Clearly our large mammals are in heaven after such a dry winter,

It’s always good seeing all our migratory birds back in the country. Just to mention a few: Common Buzzards, European Rollers. Umar Falcons and many more.

Some of these birds migrate as far as Northern Asia, like the Umar falcons and the Common Buzzards will go as far as Russia.

The sightings have been great; from our cats to large mammals such asElephants, to creatures as small as Chameleons.

Lately, the sightings of the elusive Leopard have improved as it has recently been seen around the Reserve.

The cycle of life is quite evident as all the predators, including the birds of prey, are hard at work controlling the population. It may seem cruel, but it’s Mother Nature’s way of controlling the population of newly born Impala, Blesbok, Wildebeest and many more.

Summer is the time when the bush is back to life. Where trees are flowering, attracting bird species like Sunbirds; which attracts snakes such as the Boomslang and Vine Snake.

And that is when it all comes together…