January Ranger’s Report

Considering that this is the first report for the new year, I think it is quite fitting to shine a light on all the new life! There is always excitement emanating from the back of the cruiser when we move into a sighting with baby animals. Impala lambs, Lion cubs, and Giraffe calves are probably some of the most popular, but there certainly has been a baby boom for many species.

Our breeding herd of Buffalo is growing steadily and the youngsters have been full of sass, there are plenty of Blue Wildebeest calves chasing one another around on the plains and then there are the Helmeted Guinea Fowl chicks being taught how to run at full speed in front of a game viewer by their parents!

Nolene Turner

The fact that mammal babies are perfect miniature versions of the adults never ceases to amaze. They are far more entertaining to watch and always appear to have limitless energy.

Towards the end of the month temperatures cooled down for a few days and the energetic youngsters showed their delight with playful interactions. In the coming weeks we will get to watch them grow!

Nolene Turner