February Ranger’s Report

KwaZulu-Natal, the province in which Nambiti can be found, is in the eastern half of South Africa, and much of our rainfall comes in the Summer months. During the second week of February approximately 140 mm of rain poured down over the reserve. Rivers burst their banks, roads became flooded and dams overflowed. The Sunday’s River roared as two of the three crossings became submerged. Many of the roads were closed as they were too muddy, but the sightings continued to be fantastic.
After a few days of sunshine, the roads started to dry out and more of the roads became accessible. We welcomed the Elephant herd back into the south of the reserve, the northern pride of Lions were spotted with their six cubs, and the Buffalo herds were out and about.
There were some memorable bird sightings as well. We recorded single sightings of a Lilac-breasted Roller, a Bronze-winged Courser, and a Brown Snake Eagle. The coalition of Cheetah brothers brought down a Kudu bull and this attracted Cape Vultures into the area. Many of the Summer migrants are still around, but they will be leaving us over the next few months.