March Ranger’s Report

It most certainly has been an interesting month, with unusual and memorable sightings. We have been spoiled with many wonderful encounters with big and small creatures. The herd of elephants has been entertaining guests with their playful splishing and splashing in the dams. We welcomed a new member into the elephant herd and although it has many bodyguards, we have managed to catch a glimpse of it on a few occasions. The southern lionesses have acquired a taste for eland and over the last few weeks have managed to take down three. These large antelope have provided plenty of meat for all eleven lions to eat their full. The kudu calves have been showing well of late and giving us wonderful opportunities for photographs.

With the seasons changing, morning game drives are now starting at 6am and temperatures are cooling down as soon as the sun disappears below the horizon. Butterflies are still quite plentiful and we have identified a couple of species of longhorn beetle, however, the dung beetles are not being seen as often. Ranger Promise reported a good few sightings of porcupine this month and Ranger Nols watched an aardwolf marking his territorial boundary on the way back to the lodge one evening.
As we continue deeper into autumn, grasses will continue to brown and temperatures will continue to lower. The impala rutting season is just around the corner and we will soon have some interesting news to share!

-Head Guide Noleen Turner