April Ranger’s Report

Wow, can you believe that a third of this year is already in our rearview mirror? April is always a busy month at the lodges due to school holidays and the Easter weekend. There was also a great deal of activity out on the reserve.

Field Guide (FG) Lymon shared a brief sighting of a leopard with his guests on the way back to the lodge one evening. The elusive big cat did not stay visible for long enough to take any photographs, but those who saw it will remember it fondly.

On any given day we can be visited by warthogs, impala, nyala and kudu at the lodge. At the beginning of the month, our Nambiti elephants visited us in camp! They rearranged a few things around the lodge and left a few kilograms of dung along the roads. The female cheetah also made a brief appearance at the manager’s house. Our resident boomslangs have returned and they seem to have invited a few extras. FG Nols and FG Promise captured and relocated a few of the arboreal snakes that ventured too close to the lodge buildings.

Perhaps the best news for us this month is the fact that most of the roads north of the Sunday’s River have been repaired and reopened. We were subsequently able to catch up with our northern lion pride more frequently and we enjoyed taking guests to the waterfall for coffee stops and sundowners. 

Morning game drives now begin at 6am and the afternoon drives at 3:30pm. The temperatures are crisp in the mornings, warm throughout the day and mild in the evenings. The wind chill factor is definitely something to take into consideration and be prepared for if you are planning to drop by over the next few weeks.