September Ranger’s Report

Spring mode has been activated on Nambiti Game Reserve! Beautiful pops of colour have started appearing as wild flowers bloom, birds are diligently collecting nesting materials and donning their breeding plumage, and many a mammal is carrying the next generation for 2023.

We have identified at least two active Secretarybird nests on the reserve and the breeding pairs of Blue Crane have returned.

A few of our migratory birds have made the journey back to South Africa as well. We have heard Red-chested Cuckoos and seen a couple of Common Buzzards so far.

On two separate occasions the Umzolozolo guides shared interesting interaction between the southern pride and Hook-lipped Ungulates with guests. The first incident happened when one of the dominant male lions tried to stalk a young calf. The second incident saw a young male lion actually sink a few claws into the youngster’s rump. It was a tense situation to observe. In the end, the lions were unsuccessful. A sigh of relief could be heard from all around us.

A surprise baby elephant was born this month and the infamous BFE was spotted a bit more regularly too. He is heading towards his 60th birthday and still capturing the hearts of those who make his acquaintance.

News from the lodge is an update about the dam. We have managed to transplant a few varieties of reeds into the dam to entice smaller creatures closer, and have identified tracks of a few waders and small antelope around the dam. The two White Stinkwood trees have pushed new shoots and seem to be taking root. The area around the dam is still being cleared and grass seeds have been scattered. Now all we need is some Spring rain!

Head Guide Noleen Turner