February Ranger’s Report 2024

February Ranger’s Report 2024

With Valentine’s Day on the calendar for the month, I have decided to write about a few mammals that show a lot of physical affection.

Our two cheetah brothers can often be seen grooming one another with long licks and face snuggles. The coalition reaffirms its bond through these displays of affection and it can make for very special photographic moments. We also had our two males spend some time wooing the female this month. She may not have reciprocated their advances, but that was only what we observed. Who knows what happened after sunset 😉

The northern pride of lions can also be seen expressing their love for each other. Whether it is playful tumbles or tender cuddles, these truly sociable cats know how to turn on the cute for guests and guides alike. The pride has been out and about more often this month and we are really loving the sightings.

We cannot allow the cats to have all the fun! Although they may not appear to show as much physical affection, the buffaloes are fiercely protective and united as a herd. They will defend their family against attack to make sure that no bovine is left behind. Even in the face of a pride of lions, the buffaloes never give up on each other.

Think I have left any out? Reach out to us and share your stories of animal love that you may have observed on Nambiti.

Before I sign off for the month of February, I have to share the sighting I loved the most! On a stormy afternoon, I was driving to a favourite drinks stop when a guest inquired about an animal in the distance. My jaw dropped and my heart leapt for joy! Sitting on a rock overlooking the valley was a beautiful leopard. We watched it for almost 15 minutes before it slipped away into the thickets. Such a special moment to share with guests. Such a memorable sighting of our most secretive big cat at Nambiti.

Until next month, happy trails!

Head Guide Noleen Turner