June Ranger’s Report

Our Black Rhino Population Continues to Grow as our Fight for their Protection Succeeds

Nambiti Game Reserve is part of the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project (BRREP) with the WWF. The population of black rhino in South Africa is now around 2000, and there was a 4.2% increase in their population across protected areas within Africa in 2023. Encountering one of these beautiful creatures on safari is always a life changing experience. It is difficult to describe all of the emotions that you go though, but it leaves you thankful and blessed. As the population of black rhino continues to grow on Nambiti, we will need to ensure their survival by protecting them from poachers. One of the ways that we are doing this is by removing their horns. It is truly a tragic necessity.

At the beginning of June we had some bizarre weather. We had about 16mm of rain during a thunderstorm that brought two waves of hail along with it.

If you are visiting us during the winter months, bring warm jackets, long pants, thick socks, scarves and beanies. The mornings are frigid, days are warm and evenings are cool. The influence of the wind chill factor cannot be underestimated. Fortunately, the weather has no negative effect on game viewing, animals still have to eat and patrol their territories.

We hosted a bush breakfast down at the dam this month. The mild winter temperatures are perfect for breakfast under partly cloudy skies. Our bush breakfast site is looking fantastic and will soon be fully functional for any time of the day.

Game viewing highlights during the month of June are dominated by Zebras and Hippos! The reserve has begun burning fire breaks which creates a charred backdrop for the black and white combo to bedazzle. As the Zebras move into the area, they graze the burnt grasses to obtain carbon.

With the gentle winter sun and the freezing water, our resident Hippos can be found sunning themselves alongside the dams throughout the warmer hours of the day. This is a seasonal perk and it provides for some fabulous photographs and memorable sightings.

Some exciting news for our game reserve is that our Nambiti mammal family is growing. Look out for all the details in the next couple of Ranger Reports.

Head Guide Noleen Turner